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Business Emigration Poland was settled in 2010, in
Poznan ,Poland Wielkopolskie Voivodeship. From the start we
cooperated mostly with Clients from Eastern Europe
and CIS countries, like Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.
From 2013 in respond to needs of our Clients we
decided to start with our services to Clients from Asia
countries, mostly UAE,India and Pakistan,which now are our
target markets. Our offer started to be more complex, including all steps of
business immigration process, from getting a visa
through settle in new country till getting a EU
citizenship. In our work we trying to have a maximum
personal attitude to Clients, so many of them now are
our friends and companions, not only the business
partners. And this is the way that we want to expand -
bringing to Poland business people which will be
satisfied from our work. At the moment we having more
than 30 agents in 8 countries. CEO of the company-
Mr M. Arthur Witkowiak has invented the author program of
Small business inwestor Poland, which become highly popular
among our Clients. In respond to the market needs, we also providing
manpower to the Polish entrepreneurs.


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