We having author program of Business Investor Emigration to Poland, in which You can get a residence permit before starting conducting business activity there. We are aware that only with residence You can travel to poland and Europe easily and anytime You need, and that is a factor needed to grow more business ideas and real action at Your company. To get full details of the program, please contact us at: investor@businessemigrationpoland.com

For our Clients and agents we are providing the work permit in Poland, with genuine job offer, and possibility to apply for the residency here. Change Your life and reality by working in Poland, middle of the Europe, with developing society and friendly enviroment. Please contact us to get more details of the service.

Opening the company in Poland has to be a first step when You are looking for developing Your business in Central Europe. We are providing full advisory, thanks to that Your company will be shaped directly to Your needs, ready to start the commercial activity. Company can be opened with or without personal presence in Poland.

For the Clients who want to start business activity immediately, we can provide ready made company in Poland, with the age, adress, name and types of activity designated. From the moment of signing company purchasing documents You are the owner of Limited Liability Company in Poland and having full right to represent the firm, and lead Your business there.

For every Client who will be qualified based on the current Polish Immigration Law, we are providing the service of applying and leading the application for the Temporary Residence Card in Poland, on the business or employment base. Our car eis to minimize the timeframe from the applying till the physical document reception.

Our company providing the suport for the business visa for the Clients who wants to come to Poland searching for the business partners, taking part into business meetings, and for our company guests. All supporting documents will be provided from our side, so Your visa will be granted easily

For the investors from Middle East and Asia, we are providing investment objects, due dilligence analysis, and other facilities

If You cannot visit Poland frequently, we can provide a service of the nominee director in Your company, who can lead the basic acitivity of Your firm, contacting accountant, government offices, business partners.

On the Clients request we can provide expertise and businessplan from the field of our Customer interest. As formerinternational trade agents we feel swell in trading enviroment, especially in commodities (rapeseed oil DIN 51506, cotton, garments)